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Never Too Late is a collection of songs written and composed over the years by Bobby Zirkel. Long-time Austin musician Steve Zirkel persuaded his brother Bobby to get the songs recorded "with real musicians."

The Shadeburners' Mark Utter, Steve Zirkel, Brad Evilsizer along with various other musicians and vocalists recorded these 12 songs. It was released in 2020.

We now offer the songs on CD for purchase here. Songs are also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

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Available Girl

Track 1 | 2:50

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Wind In The Trees

Track 2 | 3:51

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Another Morning Blues

Track 3 | 3:50

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Gimme Back My Breath

Track 4 | 2:51

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Magic Wand

Track 5 | 2:08

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Turn Off The Light

Track 6 | 2:16

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One Little Tear

Track 7 | 2:50

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Track 8 | 2:18

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Track 9 | 2:42

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I Can't See You Any More

Track 10 | 3:07

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Never Too Late

Track 11 | 2:40

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Walking In My Sleep

Track 12 | 3:47


Never Too Late

Marc Utter (lead vocals)· Steve Zirkel (bass, organ, piano)· Brad Evilsizer (percussion)· Woody Russell and Glenn Rexach (guitar)